e-Learning and Instructional Design Course

Instructional Design Course

Description. With the increase and relevance of virtual education, it is important to avoid mistakes when designing online instructional materials. Meeting the expectations of e-Learners is essential for the success of online training. This online course-workshop provides you a solid base of instructional design, which serves as a foundation and reference in the design of virtual courses. The course is structured in learning modules and includes the latest e-Learning techniques and practices of high effectiveness and professional impact.

The course, with a workshop approach, uses Learning By-Doing techniques, so that you can apply the knowledge acquired from the beginning of the course. It is an unprecedented experience for you to avoid costly mistakes when designing online instructional materials.

The course emphasizes on the quality of the designed course, while prioritizing the importance of concepts such as the virtual learning strategy, interactivity, assessments, content design, the effectiveness of the course in achieving learning objectives, among other concepts

Self-Paced Course (e-Learning)

  • Duration: 16 hours.
  • Access: 30 days of access to the Virtual Campus
  • Date : In the moment, at your own pace.
  • Language: English
  • Price :  250€
  • Contact: HERE    

Audience: All professional. Educators, teachers, professors, Instructional Designers, Trainers, etc.

Groups: Special price for groups..  Contact Us

Requirements: PC or MAC with Internet Connection. See FAQ.

Details: Discover how the Agile-Scrum Movement impacts the design of virtual courses, apply Design Thinking techniques, apply different theories, methodologies or methods to courses, design courses effectively, add elements of interactivity and challenge to courses, apply connectivism, create effective templates for courses, select the appropriate tool and choose the course implementation formate.

Objectives: Provide participants with the techniques, theories, methodologies, tools and best practices of the industry so that they can instructionally design high-impact virtual or online courses.

What is Instructional Design e-Learning

«The e-Learning Instructional Design is the systematic and continuous process of detecting learning needs and/or organizational productivity to then plan, analyze, design, develop and implement the necessary virtual learning, in the format of an online course or e-Learning, for the student to achieve the learning objectives previously defined by an institution.” »

José Valentín Alvarez, Ph.D

Course Curriculum

Module: ID Fundamentals

  • Definition of Instructional Design
  • Types of online courses
  • Instructional Design Tools
  • The Agile-Scrum concept and ID
  • The concept of Design Thinking and DI
  • Differences between good and bad e-Learning

Module: Interaction and challenge

  • What is interaction
  • Types, uses and practices
  • The challenge: what is it
  • The emotional touch
  • Most popular tools
  • Case study

Module: ID Methodologies

  • The ADDIE method
  • The SAM model
  • The Dick & Carey model
  • Robert Gagne’s learning theory
  • The Action Mapping technique
  • Bloom’s taxonomies
  • John Sweller’s cognitive load theory
  • Neko Methodology
  • Types and structure of the information
  • Keller’s model for motivation
  • Information Blocks and Maps
  • Downes & Siemens Connectivism
  • Note: It will use Neko Methodoly

Module: Gamification

  • Definition
  • Uses and practices
  • When to include it
  • Available tools & Plugins
  • Case studies

Module: Design techniques

  • Use of Design Thinking techniques
  • Mind Mapping
  • Brainstorm
  • Creativity techniques
  • What would happen if….
  • Stage design
  • Storyboards
  • Customer aisle, tabletop
  • Service Simulation (Service Prototype)
  • Service Staging
  • Co-creation
  • Think with your hands
  • Case studies

Module: Types of online courses

  • The boring ones
  • MOOC/SPOC type
  • Microlearning
  • Hybrid
  • Scenarios
  • Self-learning
  • Video Courses
  • Final conclusions

Module: Course evaluation

  • The Donald Kirkpatrick Appraisal Model
  • Evaluation Types
  • When and where to test
  • The rubric
  • Case studies

Module: Project Management

  • The Project Charter
  • Stakeholder Management, including the expert (SME)
  • Times and tasks
  • Script and voice – TTS Software
  • Case study

Module: Main tools for develop

  • Some of the best Authoring Tools to Consider
  • Tools trends
  • Camtasia™
  • Storyline™
  • Articulate™
  • Geanilly™
  • HTML5
  • H5P
  • Hardware: Cameras, microphones, Tablets, lights, Chroma, etc.
  • Digital assets
  • Techniques: Responsive, etc.
  • The SCORM package
  • Case Study


  • Access to the ITMadrid IT Business School Campus
  • International experience
  • Exercises and case studies
  • Tips and practical advice
  • Answers to:
    • What are instructional design models?
    • What is ADDIE instructional design?
    • What is an instructional model and what are its elements?
    • What is instructional planning?
    • What exactly is instructional design?
    • What is instructional design and learning?
    • What is the ASSURE model of instructional design?
    • What is Universal Design for Learning?
    • How to design quality e-learning courses
    • How to apply Design Thinking to e-Learning
    • How to apply Agile – Scrum to e-Learning

What do the students say….

  • «Excellent experience….» – Juan Bravo, Dominican Republic
  • «An extraordinary update allows me to know the trends…», Raúl Martín, Ecuador

All participants receive completely FREE, a copy of the eBook: Neko Methology: Instructional Design e-Learning – It is an eBook, written in Microlearning format.


Does the course deliver a certificate?

Yes. It is downloaded from the platform.

Does the course include practice?

Yes, also debates on relevant topics

When can I start the course?

Once you complete the registration process.

What is the form of payment?

  • PayPal.
  • Debit or credit card.
  • Bank transfer (just for enterprice)

Is the course available In Company?

Yes. We invite you to contact us for more information. Super special price for groups and companies.

What are the technical requirements for Online Learning?

  • Participants with PC, Laptop, Tablet or smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • An integrated microphone and headset is recommended.

What information do you need:

Course: eLearning Instructional Design

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eLearning Instructional Design Course. It is a course aimed at providing the best techniques, models and best practices to design high-quality online or virtual courses..

  • Self-Paced Course
  • Available In Company
  • Practical
  • Use Learning By Doing
  • Project-Based Learning
  • And more.......